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Copy Scarlett Johansson’s Body Suit in The Avengers

Scarlett Johansson plays Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) in new superhero flick The Avengers, and her sporty-sexy Black Widow body suit in the film inspired us to turn to the scuba-sporty fashion we are mad for this season. Though Scarlett wears a one-piece black body-skimming outfit and her accessories are tough-girl tools, we took cues from the slick neoprene to recreate this totally wearable, sporty-meets-sexy evening look.

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Scuba gear style in black-with-neon neoprene and skin-tight silhouettes were a design favourite for spring fashion, and we love the sophisticated interpretation through this sexy cutout H&M dress in a spandex fabric with sleek shine. Belt it up with a sport-stretchy cincher like the Phard one here.

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The superhero details are all in our accessories, with sporty neoprene and neon of this Asos clutch, in the season’s trendy tangerine. The combination of black, red and orange with the red Carlos Carlos Santana sandals (complete with athletic-inspired elastic ankle strap) and sporty red Breda rubber-strap watch evoke the sexy Scarlett as red-haired Black Widow. These futuristic touches and edgy metal details make this look as red hot and action-packed as Scarlett’s Avengers look itself- maybe even hotter.

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