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Gossip Girl Fashion: Copy Blair’s Floral Dress

Last night Blair needed to be in two places at once and despite all of the stress, her classic style never faltered. Blair embraced Spring in the best possible way with this sunny yellow trench and floral sheath dress.

Copying Blair’s classic Spring style can be easy with the right pieces. Keep all of your colours bright and sunny for this Gossip Girl look. An affordable bright yellow trench gives any outfit a fresh blast of Spring colour and should be on your must have list.

The rest of the attire are classic pieces that won’t go out of style any time soon. Steal Blair’s look with this Joan Floral Sheath from Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection for a retro twist to this modern look. Triple strand pearls and nude pumps are traditional accessories that any socialite ex-princess must have at hand. Now all you need is to find two men to fight for your heart.

Click on the images below to copy Blair’s Gossip Girl style.

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