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Copy Blake Lively’s Polka Dot Dress From Hick

This week, Blake Lively goes from playing a New York socialite on Gossip Girl to a grifter and a con artist in the new movie Hick. As Glenda, Blake takes on a very different persona from her Gossip Girl character and shows us her country side. From the city to the country, we still love her fashion just as much!

Embody Blake’s look with your own sweet polka dot dress. We chose this affordable sleeveless version from Mango, so you can swing your skirt all summer long. Belt it like Blake to break up the pattern. Keep the popping red theme going right into your cute Chinese Laundry sandals that cost just $59 and a ruby red cocktail ring.

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Finally mix patterns with a striped handbag. Keep the bag small and sweet and let your polka dots take center stage in their country style.

Shop the Look
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