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Lady Gaga Will Wow In Armani Designs For New Tour

Gaga meets Georgio- and it’s sure to be a gasp-worthy moment in fashion- during the singer’s upcoming Born This Way Ball Tour. The symbol of out-there fashion will take to stages in costumes designed by esteemed fashion icon Georgio Armani.

The Born This Way Ball tour kicks off in Seoul on April 27, and the designer has confirmed to Grazia Daily that he has collaborated with the star for a number of theatrical stage looks, and we can’t wait to see what he’s come up with. Grazia Daily has released four sketches you can see here of the whimsical and awe-inducing designs. We’re even more excited to see them on the star when she performs on what we imagine will be an equally dramatic stage set.

The sketch above shows a keyboard-shaped headpiece for the star, and we wish we could say we were shocked but this is, after all, the one-time egg encased artist. Lady Gaga is known to be styled by Thierry Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti, with unforgettably potent results.

[Photo from Grazia Daily]

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