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Get The Look : Emma Watson’s Elegant Red Carpet Look For Less

Since Emma Watson first burst onto the scene as Hermoine Grainger she has matured into one of the world’s leading ladies and style setters. The fashionable Brit has emerged from her Harry Potter role to star alongside Michelle Williams in the much buzzed about film My Week With Marilyn dazzling red carpet watchers in this modern, elegant outfit. The balance of her peplum blouse with a slim fitting pencil skirt hits all the right notes and is an easily imitable look at home. We can picture any woman taking this look from your desk to the holiday office party in a snap. Slip into our lace version of her blouse and skirt, both for under $100. A bonus punch of style comes in the form of a small leopard clutch that become the statement piece of your look at a budget-friendly price.

Shop the Look
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[Photo via Startraks]

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