Interview: Giles Deacon Discusses Winter & Spring Fashion

British fashion designer Giles Deacon isn’t afraid to take risks. From heralding a new collection to taking over the reigns after a certain Lindsay Lohan disaster (ahem), he stands apart from the crowd with a unique and confident vision that doesn’t necessarily follow an expected linear path. Recently in Toronto to co-host a fundraiser for Princess Margaret hospital with boutique George C, we spoke to Giles about his Spring collection, winter style and how to make a statement and have fun with your existing wardrobe. See what Giles Deacon had to say:

Real Style: What are three words to describe your Spring collection?

Giles Deacon: Three words to describe my Spring collection would be ‘statement swan signature’.

Real Style: Can these pieces work for everyday settings?

Giles Deacon: Within the collection I think there are pieces for everyone for every occasion, from work pieces, to cocktail pieces, to special dinner pieces. When you see the full collection, there are pieces for everyone… I think we have an interesting group of customers. We have people who buy things for collections, to lawyers and things like that. I think it’s for people who do like strong pieces, absolutely, and interesting workmanship within them, but they are all very wearable. Obviously the big swan head dresses are editorial and show related, but they all have a special quality to them, which I think people appreciate.

Real Style: You also just released a beauty line. How important is the makeup and hair to your fashion?

Giles Deacon: It is essential when we are doing the show presentation. It’s the full image of how that season’s collection should be presented. People really look to that to see how it should be.

Real Style: Do you keep that in mind when designing?

Giles Deacon: Not so much. It’s something that comes along when we see the collection all together for the first time. Even though you imagine what it’s going to look like, when you first see it that’s when you go, ‘It should be like that.’

Real Style: What is your earliest fashion moment, when you knew you wanted to be a designer?

Giles Deacon: Probably watching magicians assistants and game show assistants on the TV as a kid. [laughs] It probably really started as an interest in design overall and led to fashion from that. And I think from music as well and an interest in people like Annie Lennox and Bow Wow Wow. It’s those kinds of characters and image makers as opposed to fashion itself.

Real Style: Since we are in Canada, most women are thinking about the winter weather. What are must haves to update to update your look for winter?

Giles Deacon: I think anything that’s got a smart and disciplined look to it, like a beautiful interesting white, cotton, poplin shirt, a great jacket with a peplum detail, and good pants. It’s got a strictness to it for autumn and winter that looks really good.

Real Style: We know people are probably always asking you for fashion advice, but what is your ultimate style tip for our readers?

Giles Deacon: It sounds like a bit of a cliché, but have fun with it. Not in a comic way, but choose a really strong statement piece within your outfit, be it one really great piece of jewelry or a great jacket. Don’t have too many of them on the go at the same time. Have something for people to focus on. Know it fits you. Know yourself and have a bit of fun with it as well. Make it something that makes you feel good and that will shine though.

Real Style: What is next for you?

Giles Deacon: We’re busy working on pre-fall, which we’re showing in New York for the first time in January. We’ve done it regularly for in Europe, but this year we’re actually going to show it. Then just working on the collection and gathering thoughts on expanding the jewelry and accessories line.

See photos of Giles’ Spring 2012 collection from the Princess Margaret fundraiser below and shop his line at Barney’s and Nordstrom.

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[Photographer: George Pimentel]

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