DESIGNER PICKS: Sunny Fong of VAWK Picks Holiday 2011 Fashion Trends

sunny fong

Canadian fashion designer Sunny Fong is a celeb among the fashion crowd for his label VAWK. (Some of you may remember him as the winner of Project Runway Canada, season 2). His feminine aesthetic made this luxury line an instant hit with Canadian fashionistas since its debut. Now that the VAWK line is available at The Bay’s illustrious The Room, his pieces are accessible to women looking to bring glamour and sophistication into their wardrobe. We are proud to have Sunny Fong in our holiday Designer Picks series to bring us his favourite trends of the season.

Real Style: What are the new essential wardrobe pieces all women should have in their Holiday 2010 wardrobe and why?
Sunny Fong: A great coat. For the winter, there is only really so much we can suffer for fashion and a great coat could get you from the office to the party.

Real Style: What is the best jewelry for the upcoming Holiday season and why?
Sunny Fong: I love vintage jewelry, and jewelry from countries like the Middle East and Asia. Vintage never goes out of style because it already is and anything ethnic has so much more character than mass produced necklaces and earrings.

Real Style: What are the best shoes for the upcoming Holiday season and why?
Sunny Fong: I always love to see a women in a great stiletto or a platform heel for the evening, nothing too chunky, but really classic and elegant in style. It may be the one spot where you add that punch of colour and surprise. And if you want to make it edgy, a tall fitted thin heeled boot (this could also work for day).

Real Style: What are the most flattering styles for different body types (ie. Petites, curvy, etc.)?
Sunny Fong: I feel a cropped (shorter length) jacket or a slightly shorter length coat always work with all body types, it will give the illusion of longer legs and it tends to highlight a waist.

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Real Style: What makes your designs work for real women?
Sunny Fong: I always think about the women’s body and how it moves in the garment. I think about how they want to feel in the garment. Then I take those key components and I take them for a spin with my imagination and I design a collection, of course keeping in mind that these clothes have to be realistic for real women.

Real Style: What is the best piece of fashion advice someone ever gave you?
Sunny Fong: The best advice someone ever gave me was when I was at the fabric store, I was looking at a bolt of fabric and I asked which side of the fabric was the “good/right side,” and her response was “the side you like.” I realized then that there are no rules.

Real Style: Who or what is your fashion inspiration?
Sunny Fong: My main inspiration really comes from the desire to research and learn. I love to do intense research and look at anything visual. Interior design and home decor plays a large part of my designs. The great desire to travel also contributes to the direction of the theme of the collection.

You can find VAWK at The Room at The Bay in downtown Toronto.

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