DESIGNER PICKS: Jay Godfrey Shares His Views On Holiday Dressing 2010/2011

jay godfrey headshot 300New York based, Canadian raised fashion designer Jay Godfrey has become a fashion go-to brand for the party girl on the go. Originally a business major, Jay followed his dreams to become a fashion designer and moved to New York City. After attending Parsons School Of Design and interning for Oscar De La Renta he struck out on his own. In business for only a few years, Jay has already become very successful. His sleek and sexy designs have been spotted on young fashion lovers like Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes and Paris Hilton. Therefore with great pleasure, Real Style Network welcomes Jay Godfrey’s input in our on-going Designer Picks series on what to wear this holiday season!

Real Style : What are the new essential wardrobe pieces all women should have in their Holiday 2010 wardrobe and why?
Jay Godfrey:
Since the economy is coming back as will holiday parties. So it’s really important to have a few statement making, show-stopping dresses that are special, colorful and sexy!

Real Style: What is the best jewelry for the upcoming Holiday season ?
Jay Godfrey:
I am loving when women mix a fun, flirty, sexy cocktail dress with jewelry that pulls her in a opposite direction – tough, edgy and serious. Check out this stunner from Givenchy – this will turn heads for sure.

Real Style: What do you think are some of the best shoes for the upcoming Holiday season?
Jay Godfrey:
The best shoe for holiday leading into the new year is the multi-purpose bootie with some street cred. Wear it with a dress or a skirt or even a skinny cargo.

Real Style: What dress styles do you think will be the most popular for the holidays?
Jay Godfrey:
For holiday it’s all about COLORBLOCKING.

Real Style: Which do you think are the most flattering styles for different body types (ie. petites, curvy)?
Jay Godfrey:
I always love women who are confident and she only feels this way in a dress if she feels like the best of her body is highlighted and her trouble areas are camouflaged. For example, for women who want to hide their hips, my KIMIKO dress is the perfect solution! For women who don’t have a small waist, check out easier shift-like silhouettes like my ELLSWORTH dress. We have also seen a major return to showing off one’s bust line (see fall 2010 Louis Vuitton for proof of that!) and, if this is your thing, my HARING dress is the one that will lift and highlight!

jay godfrey kimiko dressjay godfrey elleworth dressjay gofrey harring dress

                   KIMIKO                    ELLSWORTH                    HARING

Real Style: Are fur, feathers and embellishments  a trend for this holiday season?
Jay Godfrey:
This is now considered classic for the holiday season much like white is for spring and leopard is for fall! You can’t go wrong!

Real Style: What is the best piece of fashion advice someone ever gave you and why?
Jay Godfrey:
My wife always says, “When in doubt, go with a nude pump. It makes you legs look longer and goes with everything.”

Real Style: Any other fashion and style tips you may want to tell readers?
Jay Godfrey:
Dress your age ladies 🙂 Nothing worse that someone trying to dress like they did 30 years ago.

Shop for Jay Godfrey at fine fashion retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Couture Candy and Singer 22.

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