DESIGNER PICKS: Izzy Camilleri’s Holiday Fashion Advice


Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri has been creating a buzz in the fashion industry since she graduated from school in 1984. From designing for celebrities to creating stylish looks for seated clientele in a wheelchair, she is always thinking ahead. After creating a sought after silver fox coat for Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Izzy Camilleri teamed up with designer Adrian Mainella for IZMA, a sustainable fur line. We turned to Canada’s fashion innovator Izzy Camilleri for her valuable advice on how to dress for the holidays for our Designer Picks series.

Real Style: What are the hottest fashion trends for Holiday 2010/2011?
Izzy Camilleri: Wraps and getting cozy are also a trend for the holiday season, where you want to wrap yourself up in a chunky knit and sit by the fire.

Real Style: What are the new essential wardrobe pieces all women should have in their Holiday 2010 wardrobe and why?
Izzy Camilleri: The Little Black Dress is a constant staple. Good to have when you need it. Keep it simple, and accessories to keep current.

Real Style: What is the best jewelry for the upcoming Holiday season and why?
Izzy Camilleri: Vintage will work for the 50’s theme. I like classic pieces that keep working, whatever the trends.

Real Style: What are the best shoes for the upcoming Holiday season and why?
Izzy Camilleri: Platforms are always great to give you height and keep your posture. Again, purchasing classic pieces will take you far.

Real Style: What are the most flattering styles for different body types (i.e.. Petites, curvy, etc.)?
Izzy Camilleri: Keeping things fitted work on all body types. People think a larger woman can’t wear something fitted, but I don’t agree. If she wears loose fitting clothes, she is going to look bigger.

izzy camilleri wrap furIZMA black dressIZMA fitted

Wrap                        Black Dress                Fitted

Real Style: What makes your designs work for real women?
Izzy Camilleri: I keep a woman’s figure in mind at all times. I don’t like the term “real” woman because we are all real… even thin people. I’d rather use the term healthy. If you are overweight, you are not in good health… normally. I design for woman, who take care of themselves and consider their body as something to cherish and take care of.

Real Style: What is the best piece of fashion advice someone ever gave you?
Izzy Camilleri: People usually don’t give me advice,.. they are always looking for it for me… so I can’t think of anything…..

Real Style: Who or what is your fashion inspiration?
Izzy Camilleri: A lot in life inspires me. It changes often.

Find Izzy Camilleri’s fashion at IZMA.

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