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FASHION NEWS: Men’s Skirts Going Mainstream

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

One of our more popular posts at Real Style Network was a tongue in cheek story we covered here about Miuccia Prada designing mini skirts for men. To our surprise and delight the story generated a very lively debate on the issue of men wearing skirts and whether that time has come! At the time we weren’t so sure AND we were clearly wrong, as the “future” of men wearing skirts is here. While avant garde fashion designer Marc Jacobs has been wearing a skirt for some time, the trend in to the knee variation of the “kilt” is now becoming popular with fashion conscious consumers as well.  

kilt-mens-skirtsThis is a ‘candid’ street photo of a very stylishly put together gentleman on 5th Avenue in New York City. With French cuffs, classic vest, tone on tone grays, his look embodied almost a Victorian sense of conservatism. One almost expected a high-waisted trouser and a gold pocketwatch peeking out. Instead he paired the outfit with a gray, skirt/kilt and a pair of boots. He looked great!

As well, according to this story from Japan, skirts have taken over the demand for shorts by young men in their 20’s who want to make a fashion statement! In the Harajuku district, men can be seen wearing skirts (sometimes over pants) with running shoes or sandals. The men’s skirt trend is reportedly taking away from the demand for shorts.

Here in North America, men’s skirts are readily available at your local H&M (as seen above). The fashion forward (and affordable) retailer has included men’s skirts in their spring 2010 collection.

[Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo photo courtesy of INF]

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