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The Longest Ride, And Nicholas Sparks’ Most Romantic Movies

It’s a fact, when Nicholas Sparks movies come out women flock to see them. There’s something about the combination of a romantic love story and attractive actors that draws them out. This weekend The Longest Ride is the latest of Sparks’ novels to get the big screen treatment, and in order to get ourselves ready for the new flick, we’re taking a look at the best adaptations of the popular author’s novels.


Rachel McAdams’ Best Movies

Rachel McAdams has always made her fellow Canadian fans proud. So proud in fact, that the London, Ont., actress will be acknowledged for her recent film achievements at this weekend’s Canada’s Walk of Fame. To honour the Canadian starlet, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Rachel McAdams films.


Now Playing – Movies Opening April 20th, 2012

Nothing seems capable of beating The Hunger Games for the box office crown, and the four new entries at theaters this weekend don’t stand much of a chance either. There’s a new romance, a comedy, and two documentaries just in time for Earth Day.