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Canadian Actress Évelyne Brochu Spills On Season 3 Of “X Company”

As the brilliant and brave Aurora Luft on CBC’s war drama series X Company, actress Évelyne Brochu plays the ultimate femme fatale. With the ending of the show on the horizon, Real Style caught up with the Quebecois star about the evolution of Aurora over the years. From her experience playing a historical leading role to what to watch for in Season 3, Brochu sat down with us to discuss everything X Company.


Evelyne Brochu Interview On X Company- CBC’s Spy Drama Premiering Tonight And Learning To Run In Heels

Evelyne Brochu stars as Aurora Luft in the upcoming CBC series X Company that premieres this evening at 9 pm. The French Canadian actress took a moment to discuss the World War II spy drama with us, including her role in it, and what new skills she had to learn to prepare for it.