“The Bounce Back” Star Denise Boutte On Working With Shemar Moore And Tyler Perry

In Youssef Delara’s new romance film The Bounce Back, actress Denise Boutte plays the ex-wife of leading man Matthew Taylor (Shemar Moore). As Julie, the 34-year-old star finds herself opposite the dashing Criminal Minds actor, who portrays a divorced relationship expert and author. With The Bounce Back officially hitting theatres today, Real Style spoke to the energetic and upbeat Louisiana-born star about her latest role. From gracing the screen alongside Moore to her previous experience working with seasoned director Tyler Perry, here’s what Boutte had to share with us.

Real Style: What can you tell us about your new role in The Bounce Back?

Denise: I portray Matthew Taylor’s (played by Shemar Moore) ex-wife, Julie. As the story goes, we were quite young when our relationship began, and we got married. Several years after the birth of our daughter, Aleya, who is beautifully portrayed by Nadja Alaya, we head down divorce drive, as Julie feels we are better parents than we are partners.

To say that it was a fun set would certainly be an understatement. Bill Bellamy and Shemar are practical joke masters! One of the ironies, if you will, is that my character leaves Matthew. During my first read of the script, I was like, “So did the girl, not like six-packs, or what?” Haha!

Real Style: Can you identify at all with your character Julie?

Denise: Identifying with being a mother, doing all in my power to raise a beautifully well-rounded, confident, self-respecting young lady who doesn’t have to search for love because she knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that she has two parents who love her and are willing to do anything for her? YOU BET!

Real Style: What sets this role apart from your previous parts, like For The Love of Ruth and Why Did I Get Married?

Denise: Definitely, the parental aspect is the biggest difference. However, generally speaking, I find that no two roles are the same. Every role requires a different type of vulnerability; tapping into those and often times hidden, intimate spaces in order to breathe real life into a character, with which the audience can identify.

Real Style: Tell us more about your role in the film Secrets.

Denise: Ms. Victoria Campbell? Now that’s one bad chick! She was so calculated, smart, manipulative and what made her the most fun, was that there were no boundaries. This woman had a plan and absolutely nothing would get in the way of her execution.

Real Style: You’ve worked with names like Shemar Moore and Tyler Perry. How have these experiences been?

Denise: Truly an honour to work with them both. Tyler is absolutely one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Unlike most, he didn’t allow my lack of resume, to influence his decision to offer me a role among the stars of Why Did I Get Married? or the now syndicated Meet the Browns. He instead recognized my potential and gave me a safe environment in which to learn, grow and eventually, thrive.

Real Style: What is your dream role?

Denise: I want to kick some ass! Like Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith style! I’m not toting these biceps around just for the fun of it people! I know there’s an action role with my name all over it.

Real Style: If you could work with any actors or directors, who would be on your dream team?

Denise: Not to sound cliché, but can’t beat having Denzel [Washington] in my book. Absolutely one of the most extraordinary artists, ever! Starring alongside an artist of that calibre would absolutely be a dream come true.

Real Style: What are your favorite ways to unwind when you’re away from the set?

Denise: Can’t beat cooking in by book! Speaking of books, I am currently putting together the finishing touches for my cookbook of family favourites, titled Cookin’ in California with Louisiana Roots. Beyond excited!

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