“Incorporated” Star Sean Teale Talks Playing Ben And His Biggest Hollywood Idols


With his burning ambition and intense nature, Sean Teale has recently been stealing the screen as leading man Ben Larson on the new sci-fi series Incorporated. The 24-year-old British actor plays a brilliant young businessman who must fight against a giant, powerful corporation which rules the world. Set in the dystopian future in the year 2074, Incorporated takes viewers into the troubled, highly controlled and dangerous universe of Ben.

Away from the screen, London-born Teale shares some similarities with his character. Both young men are passionate and dedicated, although Teale is far more sensitive and artistic than his on-screen persona may suggest. Real Style caught up with the former star of Skins and Reign about working with icons Matt Damon and Ben Affleck,  portraying his intriguing new character and more.

Incorporated airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

Real Style: What can you tell us about your role in Incorporated?

Sean: [Ben] is a very sharp and charismatic young junior executive at this mega corporation that dominates food production across the globe. He’s a very intelligent young hacker and very gifted technologically. He lives with somebody that he’s very much in love with, but he loses his first love. He’s with this company to get her family out of the financial situation that they’re in. He vows to get her back in the process, and creates this new identity. You find in Episode 1 that after years of searching for her, something happens that changes the rhythm of things.

Real Style: Can you relate to your character Ben at all?

Sean: I am quite a complex person. I’m not always entirely set in my ways; I analyze things about as much as Ben does. I wish I was as quick as Ben was! He gets himself into really sticky situations. I would sit there and go “Okay, don’t sit there reading the next page. Think about how you would get out of there as him.” I can never truly come up with an answer. Ben is as intelligent as ten writers put together. I do relate to him, I also think we’re vastly different in our demeanour and behaviour.  Because he’s behind enemy lines, he’s very much in his own world. I’ve never felt oppression like he’s felt in this show.

Real Style: Did you have a chance to work with executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck? How was this experience?

Sean: The experience as a whole was unbelievable. They’re very busy guys, so their presence was always welcome whenever they were kind enough to take the time to give some notes or feedback. They were always really great about it.

Real Style: You also starred on Reign. How was the experience working with the Reign cast?

Sean: The Reign cast [members] are actually some of my closest friends to this day. I’ve grown up with Toby Regbo since I was about 11 years old. I think Torrance Coombs and I will always see each other as brothers. I loved working that job; I found love and great friendship on that job.

Real Style: How have you grown and evolved as an actor from your role on Skins?

Sean: If you’re willing to open up, you can inhale everything at an astronomical speed. Some things never change. At 16, I couldn’t say a word! Obviously, something is sinking in, because at 16 I was useless! I try to take everything that I learn from the previous job and implement it in some way. I was very young and inexperienced and I wish I could go back and change that, but you can’t. If I tried to tell younger me how to do something, I wouldn’t be able to listen. I need the time and experience. You have to have those nightmare times on sets where you don’t know what you’re doing and people are unhappy.

Real Style: Who are your biggest Hollywood idols?

Sean: There are some great actors and notable directors that I’d love to work with. One actor that I have to say is doing unbelievable work is Jake Gyllenhaal. He is unbelievable; I don’t know how anyone can describe him as anything else.

Real Style: How do you psych yourself up for a new role?

Sean: The fear of having to do it tends to start that off. I love this job, and I really hope that I get to do this forever. The amount you owe to the people around you and yourself, to do this job to the best of your ability! I’m a very hungry person anyway, I’m tenacious and driven. If I want to get this gig, then I’m going to fight tooth and nail for it- and then you let it go, if it doesn’t go your way.

Photo: IMDB 

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