Emerging Actress Lindsay Lamb On Drake Bell, Her Most Challenging Role & More


While she most recently starred as bookish young Samantha in the family comedy Arlo: The Burping Pig, Lindsay Lamb also has a fast-paced year to look forward to in 2017. The 25-year-old actress is set to appear in next year’s equestrian flick Apple Of My Eye and action thriller Blue Line.

Lamb, who has starred in movies with the likes of Drake Bell, Burt Reynolds and Amy Smart, may not be a household name yet. However, working alongside Hollywood all-stars has certainly taught her a thing or two about showbiz. Real Style spoke to the talented young thespian and University of Southern California graduate about her upcoming roles, biggest Hollywood icons and passion for the screen.

Real Style: You play Samantha in Arlo: The Burping Pig. How was your experience working on this film with Drake Bell?

Lindsay: Drake didn’t visit set while I was shooting, but I did meet him a couple of years ago through mutual friends. He’s great and his work voicing Arlo is hilarious! Working with the pig, whose real name is Wilson, was so much fun! He was only nine weeks old when we started filming and it was insane how smart he was and how quickly he picked up commands.

Real Style: It looks like this year has been a major one for you! Tell us more about your upcoming film Apple Of My Eye.

Lindsay: I am so excited for Apple Of My Eye. We shot the film in April in Bradenton, Florida and it is being released on January 10th through Sony Entertainment. Not only was it such an amazing experience being able to work with people like Burt Reynolds and Amy Smart, but our director, Castille Landon, and all of our producers and crew were equally awesome. It was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had thus far in my career.

Real Style: What has been your most challenging role to date?

Lindsay: There have been a couple of times in the last few of years that I’ve been on set and thought I was in a bit over my head. We shot Blue Line in Cromwell, Connecticut in the dead of winter and I was playing a cheerleader, so running around in a tiny uniform in frigid temperatures was definitely challenging!

Real Style: What inspired you to make the leap from professional theatre to acting on screen?

Lindsay: I always knew I wanted to pursue film and television, but it wasn’t exactly accessible living in Fort Myers, Florida, so until I was old enough to move to L.A. on my own, I focused on training and performing in the professional theatre scene in Florida.

Real Style: Who are your biggest idols in Hollywood?

Lindsay: I adore Elizabeth Banks. I think she is so charming on screen and her performances are flawless. I also think that Rainn Wilson might be the funniest human alive. I have a ton of respect for anyone in Hollywood who worked hard to get to where they are and never gave up.

Real Style: Tell us more about your other upcoming projects for 2017.

Lindsay: I shot a pilot directed by Joe Forte and produced by Meg LeFauve (The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out) back in July so I’m hoping we get some good news from that soon! I’ve also been creating my own content for social media purposes and just to keep my brain busy. (I’m @LambL91 on Instagram if anyone wants to check them out!). Let’s just say I’m a big fan of dressing like a lunatic and dancing in the middle of intersections, so there will definitely be more of that next year!

Real Style: Do you have a dream role?

Lindsay: I do my own stunts and have been training pretty hard the past year, so I would love to play a badass female character (girl power!) who fights off all the bad guys and saves the day. It sounds cheesy but I think that would be a lot of fun!

Photo: Chris Wood

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