Watch The Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer


In just over a month, the eagerly anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones will arrive, and to help build anticipation HBO finally released a trailer for it yesterday set to a cover of Wicked Game. The reason this season is so highly anticipated of course is because even fans of the novels don’t know what’s coming because the series has started to surpass George R.R.. Martin’s novels for the first time. Here’s what we can tell from the trailer.

Earlier this week Kip Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the series, said he was very much dead. His character of course appeared to die in the season 5 finale. While admitting that he was on set, he also claims to have simply been filming flashbacks and scenes of him as a corpse. The trailer seems to back up these claims, as Ser Davos states that Jon Snow is gone. If and when he reappears is unknown.

In other clips, it appears as if King’s Landing is about to go to war with Dorne, as Jaime Lannister tells his sister Queen Cersei that “Everything they’ve taken from us we’re going to take back – and more.” And later in the same clip the Faith Militant come for Cersei, but she refuses to let her protector, The Mountain, step aside and declares that she chooses violence.

After last season’s defeat and death of her king, Melisandre begins to doubt her faith, claiming “The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie.” And Daenerys is shown to be a captive of the Dothraki clan and marching somewhere while her dragon watches on. We also get a glimpse of Bran Stark standing (yes standing so it has to be a vision right?) as a figure appears behind him. But it is perhaps Tyrion who has the most poignant turn of phrase. He states “You’re in the great game now,and the great game is terrifying.”

The season appears to be full of action and war, and the trailer does a great job of making us wish it was April all ready.


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