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Brooklyn Is A Beautiful, Coming Of Age Love Story


From Atonement, to Hanna and Byzantium, Saoirse Ronan knows how to turn heads. This weekend the 21 year old is back on the big screen in Brooklyn, in a role that very well could earn her another Academy Award nomination.

Brooklyn is the story of Eilis Lacey (Ronan), an immigrant to the U.S. in the 1950s who came to the country looking for a new lease on life. She’s shy, withdrawn, and not at all ready for what life in the U.S. will be like. She’s also deeply homesick, and missing her family. As the days move forward though her confidence grows, especially after she meets Tony (Emory Cohen), a young Italian living in Brooklyn with his family. They fall in love, but just as they start adjusting to life together tragedy strikes back home and Eilis must head back to Ireland. While there everyone tries to get her to stay, including an Irishman who admits he has always liked her. She’s torn between two countries and two possible lives, with a difficult decision needing to be made.

Saoirse Ronan’s performance is simply put spectacular. To watch her transform throughout the movie is incredible. Without her performance this movie wouldn’t have been as good as it was. You find yourself drawn into her world quickly, and as she grows, you feel happy for her. Her chemistry with Emory Cohen seems so realistic that you would think the two actors were a couple in real life. Another actress to watch out for in this movie is Julie Walters, who plays the scene stealing Mrs. Kehoe. You can’t help but smile whenever she is on the screen, and will probably end up laughing pretty hard too.

Brooklyn is the sort of movie that you may have no opinions about before seeing, but after it is done you’ll be glad you watched it. It’s dramatic, funny, witty, but above all a romantic film you will want to watch again soon after you’ve seen it for the first time.

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By: Roderick Thedorff

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