Mia Martina Dishes on her New Music


Mia Martina might be from the small town Saint-Ignace, New Brunswick but her dance-pop anthems have a big sound that have been taking over the airwaves here in Canada and overseas. Following up to her debut album ‘Devotion’ which delivered hits like ‘Stereo Love,” “Latin Moon,” and “Burning,” Martina has already released three singles this year, which will eventually be released on her second album, coming out mid-2014. American electropop singer and rapper Dev is featured on her newest single “Danse” and appears in the video for “La La…Danse,” which was shot in Los Angeles. Real Style spoke with the singer about her career, fashion sense, and more.

Real Style: How will your new album be different to ‘Devotion’?

Mia Martina: It definitely will be a lot more personal, because I really took the time to have something to do with every song. I wrote a lot on this album. It’s a little bit more mature with the content.

RS: How did Dev get involved with the single ‘Danse’?

MM: Honestly, I thought she was the perfect fit for that record. She loved it and she did it.

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RS: How did the concept for the video come about?

MM: I really wanted it to feel like 70s-slash-Studio 54 style. That’s how I wanted it to be perceived. And I think it came out really great. I just wanted it to be really artistic and crazy.

RS: Since the success of your album ‘Devotion’, you’ve done some touring and gotten exposure to some far away places. Was there any place that you were surprised to find a fanbase?

MM: Definitely. Russia, especially. I went number one there with a French record. It was just so crazy for me, because they don’t even speak French at all. They just love the music, they love the melodies, and they love the songs, but they don’t have any idea what it means. I think it’s really beautiful to see that.

RS: Your music does have a lot of European influence, doesn’t it?

MM: It’s definitely very influenced by European countries. I travelled a lot as a kid, so I was always very influence by the accordion or any different ethnic instrument, and I always try to implement that in my record.

RS: How would you describe your fashion sense?

MM: I’m pretty chill. I like to be dressed pretty casual on the daily, but I always have to have sick shoes. I’m a big shoe fanatic. I love shoes. I love heels.

RS: How do you keep stylish during the winter?

MM: I try to keep everything one colour or solid colours, because I feel like it goes better with any jacket you have to wear. You need a nice mid-length jacket, that way you can wear it with either pants or a dress. It needs to have a hood – a nice big hood. Black is always a good colour because it goes with anything. Then as long as you have a nice pair of boots, you’re good to go.

RS: What are some of your favourite fashion trends recently?

MM: I’m really a fan of wearing crop tops and skirts as a set. I’m so happy they brought that back. And I’m seeing that they’re bringing back the 90s style gym pants, that you can wear with heels. And the Timbaland boots are back. I’m in love with that.

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