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Five Canadian Food Truck Treasures

Food trucks are seriously taking North America by storm, as several television shows such as Eat St., are dedicated to everything food. Traditionally one might get scared off with the idea of their meal being made in a deep fryer on a re-purposed truck, but this is not case any more. We sifted through the endless amounts of options to bring you five of the best food trucks from five different Canadian cities.

1. Drift Food Truck, Edmonton Alberta
Drift started as a dream of the two owners, Nevin and Cara who wanted to open up a restaurant of their very own. Unfortunately they were not able to find a location in their desired they opened up their now famed food truck. The duo has travelled to five continents, pulling taste inspiration from many of the amazing cultures this world has to offer. Their menu consists of gourmet sandwiches ranging from Thai grilled flank steak, potato cheddar croquette, and a jerk chicken sandwich among others. Their produce is sourced locally, and they proudly support their local farmers.

2. Vij’s Railway Express, Vancouver British Columbia
This curry food truck is a serious hot spot in Vancouver,  with the success of two restaurants, multiple cookbooks, and a line of products and sauces that are available online.  The fare is focused on the diverse cuisine found at railway stations across India. Their dishes range from Delhi to Bombay and Calcutta, and their staple plate is the chicken curry, or if you’re lucky, their bison curry, which rarely makes an appearance on the menu.  There is undoubtedly always a line outside of this truck, but if you ask any of their patrons and they’d tell you it was well worth the wait.

3. Gourmet Gringos, Toronto Ontario
Owners and best friends Terry and Krystian started their food truck when they had a craving for an empanada and could not find one to go. The two noticed a gap in the gourmet food truck industry, and decided to take matters into their own hands. With a fresh, creative idea and a love of Latin food, they took influence from Krystian’s Argentinian background and Gourmet Gringos was born. Their menu boasts Huevos Rancheros, watermelon mojito salad, banana and Nutella empanada’s and of course their very own salsa.

4. El GastrónomoVagabundo, St. Catherines Ontario
This food truck offers a continuously changing menu of globally inspired gourmet cuisine.  Owners Tamara and Adam are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible, by eco-friendly and biodegradable products.  Their ingredients are sourced from local organic and free range farms, as well as local independent suppliers. Their ever changing menu occasionally boasts Tunisian carrot salad, coconut red curry pumpkin soup, and home-brewed iced tea in addition to Southeast Asian dishes, gourmet tacos, and tapas.

5. Tacofino, Tofino British Columbia
Tacofino was born out of a desire to create a unique dining experience by offering quality, freshness and affordability with an environmental and nutritional conscience,” said owner Kaeli. “Our menu is inspired by our world travels, taking the Baja-style taco to another level. The Tacofino truck has is unmistakable with its vibrant bright orange paint job combined with Vancouver Island artist Lee Robinsong’s painting of the Virgin de Guadalupe holding a taco. Their menu includes: Baja-style fish tacos, burritos, tortilla soup, tuna ta-takos, as well as local seasonal specials such as roasted squash tacos, and wild mushroom quesadillas.

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