Pierce Brosnan And Emma Thompson Have Fun On The Red Carpet At TIFF

Last night at the world premiere of Love Punch, Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson delighted fans by walking the red carpet and showcasing a light-hearted chemistry that kept everyone laughing.  The duo appeared to be having as much fun as the gathered fans, which even led to Emma removing one of her high-healed shoes at one point and limping across the stage for the movie’s introduction.

Brosnan told us that “She [Emma] just never comes out of the make-up trailer for God’s sake, we wasted hours. ”  Of course he eventually revealed that wasn’t the case.  “No, it wasn’t that kind of movie. The two of us just show up, have a cup of coffee, put the costume on, and go out and have a good time. It was no acting required really.”

By the sounds of it, the pair as much fun filming the movie as they did on the red carpet.  “Every day was a spectacular day of just revelry really” Brosnan said, “because the film has a tender heart, and its got a good spine of authenticity in a sense we’re dealing with people whose lives have been torn asunder by the banks and from that premise there’s romp, just coming up the rear so to speak.”

Article Written by: Roderick Thedorff  – September 13th, 2013

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