Heartland Star Amber Marshall Discusses Her Two Weddings

Most people are happy with just one wedding per year, but Heartland star Amber Marshall gets to say “I do” twice this year, as she is walking down the aisle months before her character Amy Fleming is scheduled to get married on television. Real Style had the chance to chat with Amber Marshall, star of the CBC series Heartland, about the upcoming seventh season of the show. Based on the series of books by Lauren Brooke, Heartland brings us into the world of Amy Fleming, a young woman with a passion for horses. With both her character about to be married on the show and her own big day which just passed, country girl Marshall is hearing wedding bells wherever she goes!

Real Style: Congratulations on your wedding. What was the theme of your wedding? How did you incorporate it?

Amber Marshall: Western, country, and a little vintage. I rode in sidesaddle to the ceremony on my black horse, Hawk. The 2-year-old flower girl and ring-bearer rode in on little matching black ponies. Shawn wore Wrangler dress pants and a cream western shirt with vest, with both him and the groomsmen in cowboy hats and boots. I hand made all the the centerpieces for the dinner and from flowers I had picked and dried throughout the spring and summer, with feathers from my own birds. The mason jars that held the centerpieces where lent to me by a friend.

Real Style: Can you describe your wedding dress and how you chose it?

Amber Marshall: I like to think of the dress I chose as elegant, vintage and country. I went into a dress store in Calgary only a couple of months prior to the wedding, and chose the dress I did for the tooling and shape. I also had the lace-up back widened by the seamstress who altered the size.

Real Style: Filming on season 7 is now underway, can you give fans any clues as to what is in store for Amy this season? Will you actually be walking down the aisle on screen as well?

Amber Marshall: There are some laughs, some tears and some heartfelt moments as always. Amy is strong on her horse-healing path after some moments of doubt in the first episode that she may have lost her touch. Wedding details I am not allowed to divulge!

Real Style: Was the on screen engagement at the same time as your real life just a fun coincidence?

Amber Marshall: I find a lot of Heartland storylines cross paths with or mirror my own life. It makes my job easier I guess when I get to experience the storylines in real life prior to having to act them out! Therefore, I can call upon memories to make my acting more realistic.

Real Style: Was there concern about not letting your own wedding look too similar to the wedding you will be filming on Heartland?

Amber Marshall: I live my life very close to how Amy lives hers. I would be flattered if Heartland chooses to marry Amy and Ty in a similar way.

Real Style: People say it is hard to work with animals on set. What is it like on your set with so many animals?

Amber Marshall: There is an organic energy created with the animals. They are not acting; they are themselves. It is easy to get lost in written words from a page, but when you are working with an animal you cannot be anything but present in that moment. I think humans can learn a lot from the principles of an animal.

Real Style: You have always been passionate about helping animals in your spare time. Are there any causes that you are working with currently?

Amber Marshall: Both Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education and SARI Therapeutic Riding are close to my heart. With the recent High River in our area, Shawn and I also felt our attention was needed on the High River Disaster Relief Fund.

Photo: Jose Paulo MPA

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