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The Bling Ring Takes A Smart Look At Our Celeb Obsessed Culture

Sophia Coppella’s latest film The Bling Ring examines our fashion and celebrity obsessed culture in a smart and sharp way. Starring Emma Watson, this movie takes an unbiased look at what we as a society have become thanks to the constant stream of celebrity updates.

Those of a certain age will remember this true story well. A group of celeb obsessed teens (played by Emma Watson, Katie Chang, Isreal Broussard, Claire Julien and Taissa Farmiga) take their love too far when they decide to break into the homes of their favourite celebrities including Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr to steal their designer fashion, party in their homes and lay in their beds. This movie takes a look at what drove these teens to do it.

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Sophia Coppola takes a shallow approach to her characters because, well, they take a shallow approach to life. The group’s ring leader Rebecca doesn’t care about her family or the people she is robbing. She feels entitled to walk into these homes and take what she wants. Emma Watson’s character Nicole is a shallow model wannabe who just wants to party and get noticed. Their parents are portrayed no better. Mostly they are absent, other than Leslie Mann’s character who gives her daughter daily doses of Adderall and life lessons from The Secret.

While the character may seem despicable, and are, it’s watching their cold journey that is interesting. How they are treating these homes like their own department stores trying things on and reading the tags for designer labels. Sophia Coppola doesn’t make excuses for them or paint them in a different light. She never makes them out to seem like heroes as some other directors may do. It is maybe even more interesting because it is so relatable. Many of the celebs they rob are still in the news day in and day out. It shows that while many of us leave our love for celebs and passion for fashion at the pages of a magazine there are some who will do anything for five minutes of fame.

Skip the blockbuster’s this weekend and check out a look at the society you really live in with The Bling Ring.

– Stephanie Joudrey

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