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5 Great Summer Movies For A Rainy Day

There’s nothing quite like a rainy summer day, when you find yourself stuck indoors and wondering what to do.  There’s a perfect answer to resolve the issue however, and it’s to watch a movie set in summer.  What better way to inspire you on your next sunny day’s adventures.  We’ve compiled a list of our favourite summer flicks.

Vacation:  If you are looking for a laugh or two, there is no better movie to put on than this one starring Chevy Chase as he hauls his family cross country to the Walley World theme park.   The movie may have came out in 1983, but it still holds true today, and because of that a remake is all ready in the works.  Really though, it will be tough to mess with a classic.

Stand By Me:   A lot of Stephen King haters find it shocking that the master of horror wrote this classic tale about four boys taking a walking trip to see a dead body.  It’s everything a teenage boy dreams of for a summer adventure.

Dazed and Confused:  Set at the start of the 1977 summer, this movie follows a group of teenagers throughout one night.  The cast is shocking with a number of actors who are big stars today, including Oscar winner Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Matthew McConaughey and even Renee Zellweger.

Dirty Dancing:  The summer of 1963 (which is commonly know as America’s last summer of innocence) is the setting for this wildly popular movie starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.  This love story may not be overly original, but it has a legion of followers, including Conan O’Brien who managed to get the flick back in theaters on it’s 10th anniversary.  And they even show you during the movie how they dealt with a rainy summer day!

The Sandlot:  If you have kids indoors with you during the summer rain, a great movie for the whole family is The Sandlot.  It’s about a kid who moves to a new neighbourhood, learns to play baseball, and becomes friends with the locals.  It’s charming, heartwarming, and a great movie for everyone.

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