Save Bomb Girls Campaign Started By Fans

Canadian television show Bomb Girls was cancelled in late April, but fans of the show are petitioning to save it from staying off the air for too long.

Bomb Girls started in 2011 as a Global TV miniseries portraying Canadian women’s efforts at home during World War II. It was meant to be just six episodes, but it was extended and then picked up for a full second season thanks to the great cast and loyal fan base in Canada and around the world. Unfortunately the show was cancelled on April 22 despite featuring a guest role from Rosie O’Donnell in the second season and Meg Tilly winning Favourite Lead Actress at the Canadian Screen Awards.

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Fans aren’t taking this cancellation lightly though and they are petitioning Global TV to bring back Bomb Girls. The online petition has over 4,000 signatures already. They are also raising money to send a shipment of blue bandanas like the stars wear on the show to the Global TV offices.  They were trying to raise $1,000, and have already surpassed that goal raising over $3,000 in just one day.  The extra money will go to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign, which is trying to build a monument in honour of the real women the show is based on.

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It’s rare that a Canadian television show gets such support not only here at home, but around the world. We can’t wait to see how Global responds to the fan support.

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