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Leonardo DiCaprio Movies To Watch Again

Since we first recognized his talent in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the world has been having an on screen love affair with Leonardo DiCaprio. This filmography reads like a list of the top hits through the years. Even if you won’t be heading to the theatre to see him in The Great Gatsby this weekend, these Leonardo DiCaprio movies are worth another watch.

Shutter Island

This movie was completely outshone by Leonardo DiCaprio’s other starring role in 2010 in a little movie called Inception. If you don’t want to watch the big mind trip movie, try this other thriller that will mess with your mind just as much. Based on the book from Dennis Lehane, this thriller sees Leo as FBI agent Teddy Daniels who is investigating a crime at a mysterious mental health asylum.

Blood Diamond

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for his role as gunrunner and diamond smuggler Danny Archer. Leonardo put on a South African accent and made us believe in this story and made us cry at the end as they try to escape from the country.

Gangs Of New York

One of our favourite movies of all time, Leonardo DiCaprio stars alongside Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz in this Martin Scorsese drama about the mobs of New York City in the late 1800’s. Leonardo DiCaprio is the young budding criminal Amsterdam Vallon out for revenge.

The Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Richard in Danny Boyle’s 2000 adventure drama movie with a stunning setting. The first time we watched this movie it felt too crazy, but after a second watching we could get into the story more and watch as this isolated community falls apart.

The Basketball Diaries

A very young Leonardo DiCaprio caught our attention in this 1995 movie starring as real life poet Jim Carroll. The movie is based on Carroll’s autobiography about his time as a drug addict in the 1960s and also co-stars an equally young Mark Wahlberg.

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