Girls Star Locks Lips With Designer Pamela Love In Bridal Campaign

Girls is known for being controversial, sexy and surprising. The stars of Girls don’t just play forward thinking, daring ladies on tv though. Girls actress Jemima Kirke, who plays the free loving boho Jessa on the show, can now be seen in ads for Stone Fox Bride kissing jewelry designer Pamela Love.

Jemima Kirke also stars in another of the images on their website in a dress named after her. This time Kirke is wearing a sheer lace dress with nothing on underneath.

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The pictures are for the first in house collection from Stone Fox Bride’s owner Mandy Coon.  She is friends with Jemima and Pamela Love and asked them to star in the ads shot by fashion photographer Cass Bird. Mandy describe the relaxed shoot to The Gloss saying that “People laughed and cried and got naked and made out. It was a chaotic, spirited, out-of-control obscene celebration of good vibes and abundant beauty. Totally messy and amazing. Just like marriage. And love. We could think of no better way to kick off our first collection.”

[Photo via Stone Fox Bride]

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