Continuum Interview With Star Rachel Nichols

Imagine if you had to choose between stopping terrorist acts or possibly changing your own future and eliminating your family in the process. When Continuum returns for a second season, Rachel Nichols’ lead crime fighting character Kiera Cameron, who has been transported back in time, has some tough choices to make. Kiera now has to not only stop terrorist organization Liber8, but also think about how her actions are effect the future she knows. Real Style talked to Rachel Nichols about this upcoming season, how Kiera has changed and her excitement over all of Continuum’s twists and turns.

Real Style: Without giving anything away, what can we expect from season two of Continuum?

Rachel Nichols: Obviously Kiera wants to get home in season two as well, but season one was very much about her wanting to get home. Season two is very much about responsibility. What I mean by that is that in season two Kiera really has to start thinking about how what I’m doing now is affecting the future. By changing the course of history, am I sacrificing my husband, my child, and other people? It’s the responsibility of ‘While I am here and I want to make the world a better place prevent horrible crimes and historically horrifying events from happening, what does that mean that I am doing to my future and the future of the world in general?’ We deal with a lot of that this season. This season is about responsibility and the ramifications of your actions.

Real Style: How do you think Kiera has changed?

Rachel Nicols: There is a bit more of an edge to her. She realizes that she is here for a reason. She is trying to figure out what that reason is. I hope that I get to find out what that reason actually is. Rachel and Kiera, neither of them know. Where she came from her perspective is very black and white, very organized, very this is good and this is bad. She comes back to this time and everything changes. There is a grey area now in her life that never existed before. She’s got to wonder and ask herself a lot of questions about Liber8, their motives and how maybe how they go about it isn’t right, but maybe their message means something.

Real Style: Is Kiera more comfortable in 2013 now?

Rachel Nichols: Yes, she is and she has to be. She’s had time enough to get acquainted with it. I remember when the first couple of episodes of the show were airing people were saying ‘Oh she’s so robotic, like Robo-Kiera.’ I said ‘Listen, humans in 2077 are less human than humans in 2012.’ That is something that I talked about with Simon [Barry, Executive Producer] and we agreed that she is very much like Robo-Kiera in the first couple of episodes, because this is new to her, this is her defence mechanism and this how people are in the future. This year she has definitely acclimated enough to be able to relate. There are still things that blow her mind, but she is very functional in 2013. She’s learning her way around.

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