What Justin Bieber Needs To Learn About Going Shirtless From Ryan Gosling

How does Justin Bieber celebrate being legal drinking age in all Canadian provinces and territories? By partying with his shirt off and pants down, of course! We can’t help but wonder if Justin’s new single status has gotten to his head. The pop star spent his 19th birthday out on the town in London last night. He made his way back to his hotel with his shirt off and his abs on display in the wee hours of the morning. He also had his pants hanging from below his bum, a very late-90s statement if there ever was one… you know, the same decade in which the Biebs was born.

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We can recognize that the Bieber has a great body now, even if it makes us feel a little wrong and slightly sick to say so. That said, Justin needs to learn a valuable lesson from the likes of people like Ryan Gosling: Women appreciate a guy’s toned body more when he doesn’t make a spectacle out of it. If we only suspect that you’ve got a gym perfected body and then we happen to see you take off your shirt to jump into a pool to retrieve our cell phone that we accidentally dropped in the water while at a garden party, then that’s sexy. See the difference? We get it. You’re 19, but when you turn 20 next year and then — God forbid — 21 the year after, we’re going to expect a lot more from you. You might have the tween demographic drooling over the 6-pack, but when you’re finally put into the same pool of judgment as guys like Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, you’ll see that the rules are a little more complicated. Just like how guys find women generally more attractive when we don’t put everything on display, the same rule applies to guys.

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Photo Courtesy of Twitter (Justin Bieber shirtless)

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