Top 5 Funniest Moments From The SAG Awards 2013

Last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards had some of the most touching speeches and awe-inspiring red carpet fashion moments of 2013 so far, but we have to admit that our favourite part about awards shows happen when a star decides to crack a joke and add a little humour to the evening. Here are our top 5 funniest moments from the SAG Awards 2013.

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1. When Tina Fey won her Best Actress award, she was sure to give a shout out to her good friend and fellow nominee, Amy Poehler: “Amy, I’ve known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham,” said the funny lady.

2. New Mom Claire Danes talked about her son with Giuliana Rancic while on the red carpet. “He’s getting fat,” said Claire. “All that time on the boob is starting to result in growth.”

3. It was definitely a shock for some when Downton Abbey took home the award for best ensemble cast. When Phyllis Logan, who plays Mrs. Hughes, went to the mic to speak on behalf of the British cast, she said, “Shut the French windows!” to express her surprise.

4. We love red carpet commentary almost more than the actual awards show. Giuliana cracked us up when she discussed what she thought was one of the biggest trends of the night: “I think the third trend of the night was the flu,” said Giuliana, while discussing Jennifer Lawrence who recently recovered from pneumonia and Marion Cotillard who was also feeling under the weather.

5. When Jennifer Lawrence accepted her award for Best Actress, the 22-year-old thanked MTV for giving her her start. When Jennifer was 14, she actually starred in an MTV commercial for My Sweet Sweet Sixteen. See it below!

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