Taye Diggs Chases & Catches Robber After SAG Awards

Taye Diggs is proof that some Hollywood stars are actually as bad-ass as some of the characters they play. The Private Practice star came home from the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, only to realize that he wasn’t home alone. It sounds like the plot a movie, and the story only gets more surreal from here. Somebody had broken in to his actor’s residence and was obviously still inside when Taye got home at 11pm. Maybe the robber thought Taye would be partying at the SAG Awards a little longer, but the actor was clearly in fighting shape when he got home well before midnight and was able to chase the suspect when he tried to run away and actually detained the intruder until police arrived on scene. The intruder was arrested and his bail has been set for $50,000. We think Taye Diggs deserves a medal in awesomeness for that!

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Photo Courtesy of: ABC (Private Practice – Taye Diggs as Dr. Sam Bennett)

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