Signs Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Might Have Called It Quits

Is Miranda Kerr celebrating the New Year as a single woman? That’s what the media can’t help but speculate after the Victoria’s Secret Angel tweeted this Instagram photo of her left hand covered in jewelry but with her wedding ring as well as her engagement ring noticeably absent. Is she trying to give us a sign? Given that Miranda’s engagement ring is worth $450,000 and was given to her by the smoking hot Orlanda Bloom, we find it hard to believe that she’d get her hand all dressed up in jewels and leave the crowning piece out of the picture… unless of course this happens to be an out-take for a photo shoot of some sort. We can’t imagine why Miranda would dress up her index finger and even her middle finger but leave her wedding finger bare if this is in fact a personal photo. But who would ever do a fashion shoot on New Year’s Day? It seems highly unlikely that anyone would expect an entire production team in the fashion world to be on set the morning after the biggest party night of the year. C’mon guys, it’s fashion we’re talking about here!

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To add to the rumours, Miranda Kerr’s husband Orlando Bloom was photographed today walking alone in LA’s Runyon Canyon with the couple’s baby boy Flynn, and he made sure to keep his left hand covered since their were paparazzi around snapping photos. Check out the photo of Orlando in Runyan Canyon with Flynn here.

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Rumours have been circulating that Miranda and Orlando have been in the process of call it quits since last summer. We’d be sad to hear the news that one of the hottest couples alive have decided to break up, so we won’t get all Debbie-Downer about it until they at the very least release a statement.

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Photo Courtesy of: Instagram (Miranda Kerr ringless wedding finger)

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