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Paranormal Activity 4 BluRay Review

If there is one thing you can count on other than taxes and death, it’s Hollywood deciding to make sequels to hit movies.  You can increase those odds if the movie is cheap to make, and if it’s a horror movie you can usually increase those odds even further no matter if there is a 6, 7, or 8 following the title.   The problem being of course that with each increasing number, the popularity of the movie not only starts to wane, but so does the quality.

Paranormal Activity is a series that has been around since 2007, although it wasn’t anything more than a limited release in Los Angeles until 2009.  Through great word of mouth, and shameless internet promotion the movie managed to get a wide release and a contract with Paramount.  It cost an estimated $15,000 to make, and grossed over $190 million worldwide.  The movie only took 10 days to film, there was no script, and was made using portable hand-held cameras.  It was a foregone conclusion, even before the movie became as big of a hit as it did, that there would be a sequel, and a year after its wide release number 2 came out, a year later number 3, and last October the fourth edition hit theatres.

As with all horror movie franchises, Paranormal Activity 4 didn’t do as well as the previous three movies.  The budget was up over $5 million, and it only brought in $119 million worldwide.  It’s still a nice profit, but obviously interest is waning.  Each successive movie has gotten worse reviews from not only critics, but fans as well.  It will be interesting to see how well the fifth movie does when it hits theatres this year.

The BluRay of Paranormal Activity 4 hits shelves this Tuesday, and like the other editions in the series there isn’t much to it.  The disc comes with two editions of the movie, both the original version and the unrated director’s cut.  The director’s cut adds 8 minutes to the all ready slow movie, and the extra scenes don’t really give you much more than what you’ve all ready seen.  The only special features on the disc are The Recovered Files, which is really just another way to saying they are giving you even more deleted scenes.  In this case though the recovered files actually do add a few creepy scenes that might have made a good addition to the movie.  The BluRay comes with a copy of the DVD as well as a digital copy of the film.

If you haven’t seen this movie and enjoy the Paranormal Activity franchise this will be the time to watch it, after all the 5th movie comes out this October.

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