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Mark Wahlberg’s Most Memorable Roles

It’s hard to believe that 2 time Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg started his career as a teen pop star / rap idol.  Known back then as Marky Mark he performed with a group called the Funky Bunch, and was known as the brother of New Kids on the Block superstar Donnie Wahlberg.   He successfully made the transition to movie actor in the Danny DeVito flick Renaissance Man, and he hasn’t looked back since.   With his latest movie Broken City opening this weekend, we decided it was time to take a look back at his most memorable roles.

Micky Ward – Mark got a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his role in 2010’s The Fighter, and even though he performed alongside Christian Bale he managed to hold his own.  He does a great job playing the lovable loser type who works hard and eventually gets to where he’s going.

Dignam – Even though he was surrounded by an unbelievable cast, Mark Wahlburg managed to steal the show in 2006’s Oscar winning movie The Departed.   You found yourself looking forward to when he’d appear next on the screen, not because of what he would do, but for what he might say next.

Max Payne – We’ve looked at the good roles Mark Wahlberg has played, but he’s also pretty memorable for some pretty bad roles such as 2008’s Max Payne.  Sure you could argue that the script and the movie were terrible for other reasons that just his performance, but really the movie might not have been so bad if someone else had been in the role.

David McCall – Fear may not be the best movie about a stalker out there, but Mark Wahlberg was so good at being creepy and scary in this 1996 movie that it just had to be mentioned.  It’s kind of surprising that he hasn’t been in other movies like this one because he was so good in it.

Eddie Adams / Dirk Diggler – Mark may have been played a few decent roles before starring in 1997’s Boogie Nights, but it was this movie about a porn star in the 1970’s and 1980’s that showed the world he was here to stay.

Captain Leo Davidson – The Planet of the Apes was a popular series in the 1970’s, but Tim Burton’s  2001 version didn’t resonate with movie goers at all, and part of it was because of Mark Wahlberg’s dry and uninteresting portrayal of a lost astronaut.  He took a lot of flack for this role, but he managed to move past it.

John Bennett – Could a talking teddy bear upstage Mark Wahlberg?  Not at all.  In 2012’s Ted, he flexed his comedy chops and held his own.  Once again he showed that he is a master at playing a lovable loser, but in this case he also showed how funny he can be as well.

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