Bomb Girls Star Meg Tilly Interview

Need another good reason to be excited for 2013? Our favourite Canadian TV show is back! Bomb Girls returns to Global tonight, January 2nd, for its season two premiere at 8pm. The show, which follows the lives of Canadian women working in the munitions factories during World War II, is not only the highest rated drama in Canada, it’s also become a surprise hit in the US and UK as well. Well, maybe it’s not that much of a surprise. After all, the the show features Oscar-nominated actress Meg Tilly as shift-matron Lorna Corbett (pictured above in blue); Audrey Hepburn-esque beauty Jodi Balfour as society girl turned bomb girl Gladys Witham (above in pink and black); Hellcats’ Ali Liebert as the spunky Betty Rae (above in the blue turban); and Murdoch Mysteries’ Charlotte Hegele as Kate Andrews (above on the far left). In a similar vein to Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, Bomb Girls brings audiences back in time with its incredible attention to detail, from the costumes to its character struggles.

Season two of Bomb Girls kicks off in 1942 at the height of the war, and we promise you’re in for a ton of surprises, even during tonight’s season two premiere alone. But don’t take our word for it. We talked to the animated and incredibly talented Meg Tilly in Toronto, where Bomb Girls is filmed, about everything we can expect in season two, including the shocking news that shakes up the life of her character, Lorna, on tonight’s episode. Watch Real Style’s exclusive Meg Tilly interview below.

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Photo Courtesy of: Global

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