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2013 Golden Globe Movie Predictions

Awards season is here, and because of that it seems like something is being handed out every day.  Of course this week that has almost been the case.  On Sunday it’s time for the 2013 edition of the Golden Globes, and in preparation for it we are bringing you not one, but two stories with our predictions.  The first one will focus on the movie awards, and the second the television awards.

The Best Motion Picture category could go almost any way.  All five movies have been hyped in their own way, and all five have received great reviews from not only the critics but the fans themselves.  Let’s analyze the contenders.  Zero Dark Thirty is pure Americana, and since this awards show is based on votes from the Hollywood Foreign Press we don’t expect to see it win here.  Same goes for Lincoln.  Django Unchained is a great flick, but it is extremely violent, which will hurt its chances.  That leaves it down to Life of Pi and Argo.  Life of Pi is a beautiful picture, and has been included on many top ten lists of the year, but it’s usually near the bottom of their lists.  That means our prediction is Argo.  It too is based on an American true story, but it’s not the flag waving movie that Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln are.  It won the Critics Choice Award, and we expect it to win this one too.  Ben Affleck will take the Best Director award as well.  The Best Comedy or Musical Movie is simple to pick as well.  It will be Silver Linings Playbook hands down.

The Best Dramatic Actor award is easy to pick.  As good as everyone else is, Daniel Day-Lewis was better.  He brought Abraham Lincoln to life on the big screen, and in a way that hadn’t been seen before.  It’s a bit tighter of a race in the Best Comedic Actor category, but Bradley Cooper is on a roll and will most likely see an award for Silver Linings Playbook.

The Best Dramatic Actress category is going to be a two person race.  Marion Cotillard is simply amazing in Rust and Bone, and even though Marion certainly deserves the award Jessica Chastain is almost as good in Zero Dark Thirty.  We’ll go with Marion Cotillard in this one, but only because she won the coin toss.  This could be the year that Jennifer Lawrence breaks out to become the top actress in Hollywood, and we don’t see anyone taking the Best Comedic Actress award from her.  It’s hers to lose, and she’ll probably continue her hot streak all the way to next’s month’s Oscars.

The 70th annual Golden Globes airs this Sunday, January 13th at 8pm est on NBC.

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