Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Photographed Together In Central Park!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were finally photographed together this weekend strolling through Central Park side by side. Although rumours have been circulating that the country crooner and British boy bander are officially a couple ever since Harry allegedly paid Swifty a visit while she was filming a guest spot on X Factor, Taylor and Harry have yet to confirm their Transatlantic romance. Although the two alleged lovebirds are keeping their hands to themselves in the photos that surfaced of Tay-Tay and the One Direction star hitting New York City’s Central Park together this weekend, we can’t help but assume that new love is brewin’. What’s more romantic than Central Park on the first weekend in December, anyway? The twosome stopped by the zoo to watch seals and also cuddled one of their friend’s babies together. Can we get a collective: “Awwwww!”?

It’s hard to believe that Taylor Swift only just recently broke up with her 18 year old boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. The girl moves fast! We’re not judging or anything, but we can’t help but wonder: How does Taylor find time to write songs about all her broken hearts when she’s so good at moving on?! We would still be crying into Haagen-Daaz now, but hey!

Although Harry Styles is the same age as 22-year-old Taylor’s 18-year-old ex-boyfriend, he definitely seems a little bit more mature, at least when it comes to his experience with older women. That’s right. Harry is known for his fairly high profile relationships with much, much older women. We told you all about it in our post: Taylor Swift’s Alleged New Boyfriend Harry Styles Is 18 & Has A Thing For Older Women. Well, that was certainly a mouthful, but at least we got straight to the point!

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Photo Courtesy of: Twitter

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