Kim Kardashian Leaves Gulf After Protests

Kim Kardashian caused quite a stir in the Gulf this weekend when she was there on a trip to Kuwait and Bahrain to open a branch of her Millions Of Milkshakes shops.

A protest broke out near the shopping centre where Kim would be appearing. Islamic legislators wanted Kim not to come because of her “extremely bad reputation.” Reports claim that tear gas had to be fired into the crowd to break up the protest before Kim arrived.

Despite everything, thousands of happy fans greeted Kim at the store opening. Kim tweeted numerous pictures of herself having a blast in the deserts.

Now Kim Kardashian left the Gulf after three days and on a pleasant note. While the protest must have been a scary experience Kim handled it well telling the press how beautiful the country is. She even urged other US citizens to visit and said she would be back on vacation.

Watch a video of highlights from the opening here:

[youtube aE36X2lV85o]

[Photo via @KimKardashian]

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