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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 6 Episode 9 The Revengers

With only 2 episodes left, here is what happened on the second last episode of Gossip Girl:

We being this week with one final sweet dream from Blair were she is playing the Audrey Hepburn role and is worried about Chuck’s future. As she should be because Chuck is working with Lily to take Bart down, but they are stuck. Now Bart is being honoured as Man of the Year and they want to take him down. Chuck hopes to be able to fool Bart into giving up the information. Haven’t they learned yet, especially since Bart is blackmailing Nate to spy on them all. Bart Bass is always one step ahead.

Dan is looking for a new apartment in the Upper East Side where he’s always wanted to be. He turns to Bart Bass for a reference to get the apartment. Bart says he will give Dan the reference if he writes a complementary story about him at his party. This just makes everyone think a little less of Dan. Dan realizes that he has actually fallen in love with Serena. He admits it to Bart and Bart applauds his plan. He says Serena will love and respect him more now that he has treated her bad. He tries to apologize but Serena tells him she doesn’t respect him and that she is leaving for good.

Serena is packing and is ready to move to Los Angeles, but not before helping Blair and Chuck. They hunt down Ivy to see if she can help. Serena sets up a fake lunch date, so they can devise a scheme to convince Bart that Ivy kept evidence of the crimes. Nate even feeds Bart false info to sweeten the ploy. It looks like their plan is going to work when Bart calls Ivy to arrange a meeting, but before he gets there the police arrive and arrest Nate for fraud. Oh no, someone as pretty as Nate will never make it in prison! Chuck’s lawyers are working to release Nate, but Bart is pulling the strings. Chuck needs to talk to Bart to try to make a deal. Bart wants Chuck to leave New York City for good and move to Russia forever to get Nate out of jail. Sage visits Nate in jail with a very special guest. The Captain is there visiting Nate in jail, hopefully he can help Nate more than he helped himself. The smile on Nate’s face at seeing his dad is so sweet. The Captain is shocked that Nate is guilty, and they know only Bart can get the charges dropped.

While they wait for news from Chuck, Blair gets a call and has to hurry to her atelier. While she is on her way, Bart intervenes and takes her car. He doesn’t hurt her, but it is a warning to Chuck that he could hurt everyone he loves. Blair realizes what is going on and races to the airport just in time to see Chuck before he gets on the Bass plane for Russia. Chuck says he has to leave, but we have faith in him. He must have something up his sleeve so he can be back with Blair for next weeks finale.

Blair calls her evil queens (Sage, Ivy, Serena , and Georgina) to get Bart at his little party. The girls use all of their tricks in a sad attempt to unravel Bart. He finally pulls Blair out of the party, but before she says anything she sees a report that one of the Bass industries planes has gone down. Oh no Chuck! Bart isn’t fazed. He almost seems smug, while Blair starts crying. Is Bart really that evil?

Dan gets on stage to introduce Bart, but instead he introduces Chuck. He didn’t get on the plane. Chuck confronts Bart in front of everyone accusing him of trying to kill him in a plane crash. Bart discredits Chuck to the crowd calling him a drunk who needs rehab. Dan hopes this little act makes amends for everything, but when Blair finds out that Serena is leaving she blame him again. Blair stops Serena before she can escape begging her not to go. Serena wants to start again, but Blair wants her to stay. Nate and the Captain arrive at the party demanding to get the Spectator from Bart but he refuses to sell it back. Nate may be low now, but at least he made amends with his dad. Sage suggests that Nate takes another look into his Gossip Girl research and reveal her identity to get the spectator back on the radar.Things are still so messy for everyone, how will they wrap this up in time for the finale?

Serena leaves just as Dan moves in to his new apartment in Serena’s building. He truly reveals that he has always loved her, but for once she won’t fall for it. Dan slips his alternate manuscript into her bag. Will she fall for it?

Chuck and Bart meet on the roof. Chuck records the meeting on his phone, but Bart won’t admit that he had anything to do with the plane crash. He is trying to scare Chuck and intimidate him, but Chuck finally stands up to Bart. He says he’s not a real man because of his actions. Chuck punches Bart. Bart lunges at him but slips over the ledge. Bart is holding onto the edge reaching out for help from Chuck or Blair when she arrives on the rooftop. Chuck stays back and let’s him fall with Blair there as a witness.The pair run off of the roof.

Next week is the series finale of Gossip Girl, we can’t wait to see what happens, how it all ends and the true identity of Gossip Girl.

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