5 Signs Justin Bieber Became A Man in 2012

Justin Bieber has been making girls swoon since before he even needed to shave, but he officially became a man in 2012. He showed everyone who’s boss when he wore overalls to pick up his Diamond Jubilee Medal from Prime Minister Harper, and he won a ton of other awards along the way during the crazyfest that was Justin Bieber’s 2012. Here are our Top 5 Signs Justin Bieber Became A Man in 2012.

5. The Biebs Turns 18
Justin Bieber turned 18 on March 4, 2012, meaning he can vote back home in Canada, and he’s also the legal drinking age in Quebec. JB, if we see you dancing on tables at Garde-Manger in Montreal’s Old Port, we promise not to tell your American fan base.

4. Justin Becomes A Mansion Owner
Justin Bieber bought 10,000 square-foot mansion in Calabasas, California in May of 2012, even though the proud Canadian isn’t interested in becoming an American citizen anytime soon. He’s a big fan of our health care system but apparently an even bigger fan of California sunshine.

3. Justin Bieber Graduates High School & Releases Believe

June was a big month for Justin Bieber. Not only did he officially graduate from high school on June 28, 2012, he topped off the month by releasing a sophomore album. Justin released his third studio album in June, Believe, which critics praised for having a much more mature sound with songs like “Boyfriend.” The preteens still bought it though. He tattooed “Believe” on his arm in June, and if that doesn’t say “I’m officially a grown up and can do what I want now,” we don’t know what does.

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2. JB Goes On Believe Tour & Pukes On Stage

We actually joke that we’ll do things we love until we puke, but Justin Bieber actually did it. After embarking on his Believe Tour in September, Justin was performing in Glendale, Arizona when he casually turned his back to the stage mid-song and vomitted only to keep performing like it was no big deal. Justin, we’re hoping that was just excitement or food poisoning and not, you know, anything else that you should be doing outside of the province of Quebec, right?

1. Justin Bieber Makes His Victoria’s Secret Debut
Justin Bieber fulfilled any 18-year-old boy’s dream by performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November. Soon after the concert, Biens was romantically tied to Victoria’s Secret model XXXX and Selena Gomez broke things off with Justin, her boyfriend of two years. Although Justin and Selena got back together, rumour has it that they’re officially off again. So what will 2013 bring for Justin? If he’s single, we know we’re in for a wild time just watching from the sidelines.

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Photos Courtesy of: Universal & Twitter

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