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Top Bond Flicks Of All Time

Skyfall is the 23rd official James Bond movie, and it hits North American screens this weekend.  Skyfall is expected to out perform all the other Bond flicks, and easily take the top spot at the box office this weekend.  How it will stack up again the best Bond flicks of all time is yet to be seen however, considering it is up again some tough competition.  Here is our list of the top Bond movies of all time.

Casino Royale. No, not the cheesy spoof made in the 1960’s starring David Niven, Peter Sellers and Woody Allen, or even the 1950’s TV adaptation that turned everyone’s favourite British secret agent American, but the recent remake starring Daniel Craig.  The movie redefined Bond for a new age.  It made him grittier and turned him into a blunt object, and yet kept him suave and cool at the same time.  Craig is still wearing the suit for Skyfall, his third time, and has apparently signed on for more, so he’ll be gracing our screens for years to come.

Goldeneye.  Pierce Brosnan was wanted for the role of Bond in the 1980’s, but due to his contract with Remington Steele  he was unable to take the part.  In 1995 however, after Bond had been given a 6 year hiatus, Brosnan was finally ready.  Goldeneye did not disappoint, and introduced the world to some memorable new characters, including Xenia Onatopp and brought in Judi Dench to play M.  It was clear after this flick that Bond was back.

Dr. No. Sean Connery was made for the part of James Bond, and when Dr. No came out in 1962 people had a hard time seeing anyone else in the role.  In this one he uncovers a plot to disrupt a manned space launch while investigating the death of a fellow agent.   Dr. No may not have been the first Bond novel Ian Fleming wrote, but it was the prefect launching pad for an incredible franchise.

Live and Let Die. Roger Moore was brought on board to replace Sean Connery, and he brought a wittier personality with him.  He may not have been as tough as Sean Connery, and he was certainly cornier, but he did a great job making the character his own.  In this one he takes on drug lords from New Orleans and  Voodoo priests.  It also introduced Jane Seymour to the world as the beautiful Solitaire.

Diamonds Are Forever. Connery had left the franchise, but after a failed attempt by George Lazenby he returned for one more flick.  This one has it all.  Diamond smugglers, Bond’s nemesis Blofeld, a giant laser, and two oddball assassins.  Connery said after the movie was shot that he would never again play Bond, but he did return in an unofficial Bond movie in the 80’s called Never Say Never Again.

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