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Top 5 Brad Pitt Movies

It’s hard to believe that Brad Pitt turns 50 next year, and yet year after year he continually brings out great movies.  This weekend his latest flick, Killing Me Softly, hits theaters and all ready word is that Pitt’s performance is another winner and may earn him a fourth Oscar nomination.  In honour of the man we’ve decided to take a look back at his top 5 movies of all time.

Interview With The Vampire.  Brad Pitt does Anne Rice’s Louis’ brooding character justice and he does an amazing job playing off of not only Tom Cruise’s turn as Lestat but newcomer Kirsten Dunst’s Claudia as well.  It’s a shame he didn’t turn up in the sequel at all, but it definitely brought him attention as a Hollywood heavyweight.

Twelve Monkeys.  Terry Gilliam’s time traveling science fiction movie brought Brad Pitt his first Oscar nomination, and it was well deserved.  He plays an environmental nut job terrorist who releases a virus and dooms the earth.  It’s up to Bruce Willis to stop him if he can and prevent the world from going to hell.

Fight Club.  What’s a list of great Brad Pitt movies without Fight Club?  Once again he finds himself playing a terrorist, this time however he does it by creating a club where men beat up on each other for fun.  His character Tyler Durden was so popular that it was spawned the celebrity blog What Would Tyler Durden do.

Snatch.  Showcasing his amazing talent further, Brad Pitt took a small role in the 2000 movie Snatch.  In it he plays an Irish boxer who speaks with such a thick Irish accent you have a hard time understanding what he is saying.  He managed to steal the show, and you find yourself wishing he had a bigger role to play.

Moneyball.  Who would have thought that a movie about a baseball general manager would be so damn good?  Brad Pitt takes the lead here once more, and gets another Oscar nomination along the way.  On paper the movie sounds like it should bore you, but Pitt’s charisma and charm help carry this movie from start to finish and you never get bored of it.

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