Think Of It As Project Runway With IKEA Furniture

Tonight, at Toronto’s DX Intersection, the Design Exchange’s annual 3-floor fundraiser bash, 20 different Canadian artists, design teams and celebrities have teamed up with IKEA for AUKTION. Each designer/design team had a $500 budget to shop at IKEA for materials that they then were allowed to deconstruct and re-imagine. The final result is AUKTION, a charity event that will raise money for the DX’s youth programs and design preservation initiatives through a silent auction of the re-imagined IKEA designs. It’s kind of like Project Runway, except Heidi Klum won’t be sending anyone home at the end of the night.

So which Canadian designer would you most likely make a bid on? In the above image, from left to right and top to bottom, the re-imagined IKEA designs are by +tongtong, Atelier 688, Barr Gilmore, Christina Zeidler, House & Home Magazine, Sid Lee, Bruno Billio, Zeidler Partnership Architects, Davide Tonizzo. Below is Paul Raff Studio’s “Knob Portrait: Mayor Ford,” which is made from 983 IKEA cabinet doorknobs.

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All 20 of the IKEA AUKTION designs will be on display at DX Intersection tonight!

Photos Courtesy of: Design Exchange

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