The Carrie Diaries Finally Gets Its Air Time!

The Carrie Diaries finally gets its confirmed air time! We’re extremely anxious and excited to see The Carrie Diaries, even if we are a little nervous that the prequel might ruin Sex & the City for us forever. Hey, if the movie Sex & the City 2 didn’t ruin the HBO series for us then we’re pretty sure a harmless CW prequel will be able to destroy Carrie Bradshaw’s image.

Although everyone thought The Carrie Diaries would move into Gossip Girl’s time slot after the show wrapped on December 17th, that’s not the case! Instead, The Carrie Diaries will take 90210’s spot on Mondays at 8pm and bup 90210 into the 9pm slot. The Carrie Diaries premieres on January 14th, so mark your calendars and get ready to see the sneak peek on the season finale of Gossip Girl on — gulp — December 17th. We can’t believe it’s over! Thankfully, we’ll now have The Carrie Diaries for our NYC teen drama fix!

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Photo Courtesy of: CW

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