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Skyfall Is One Of The Best Bond Movies Of All Time

James Bond movies have been around for 50 years, and Skyfall is the 23rd official one of them.  It’s been 4 years since Daniel Craig last graced the big screen as the British super spy due to financial problems at MGM, but he’s all ready signed on for more.  Will Skyfall become a hit, and take its place among the top Bond movies of all time?  Sit back, take a sip of your martini, and find out.

Skyfall kicks off with a bang.  James Bond (Daniel Craig) is on the trail of an assassin who has stolen a hard drive containing the names of agents undercover.  As he attempts to reclaim the drive and save the day, he is accidentally shot and falls into the water.  He is presumed dead, although his body is never recovered.  Three months later MI6 finds itself under attack.  A hacker is taunting M (Judi Dench), telling her to remember the crimes of her past.  Bond hears about the attack, and comes in to help find the culprit.  When Bond tracks him down he discovers that he’s a former agent M left for dead several years back, who is looking for revenge.

For a James Bond movie, Skyfall plays out very differently.  It has all the classic elements, action, women, twists, fancy gadgets and oddball villains, but it also has Bond portrayed as a man who seems to have lost a bit of his edge.  He’s older and doubts himself.  He also feels betrayed for the way things went down on his failed mission.  It’s also interesting to see Bond as being the hunted instead of the hunter.  Javier Bardem plays one of the most unique and interesting villains in a Bond film in a long time.  He plays the role so well it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him receive a nomination at next year’s Academy Awards.  The movie takes a definite turn for the better once he makes his first appearance on screen, and it never slows down afterwards.  Judi Dench has her largest role in a Bond movie since she started playing the role of M, and like she has in the past she plays the character to be strong and motherly, yet willing to do what needs to be done.  The action in the movie is well choreographed, and there are plenty of stunts that build up your adrenaline.  Skyfall may not be the best Bond movie of all time, but it is definitely one of the best.

If you enjoy Bond movies, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this one too.  Even if you are not a huge fan, but enjoy action, you’ll like it.  It’s worth seeing at the theatre, and adding to your collection when it comes out next year on DVD.

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