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Skyfall 007-Daniel Craig Creates A Different James Bond

We told you earlier about the details of the movie. This story is about how very different James Bond has become. In this latest James Bond movie we learn about Bond’s childhood, his unresolved emotional trauma, his attachment and relationship to M ( played brilliantly by) Judi Dench.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond is a weary soldier. He looks older, his hair is shorter and grayer, his ears more protruding, his body and mind more scarred. Yet he is the only one M trusts to go after her the man who is trying to kill her. The movie explores this relationship of absolute devotion, mother figure and ultimately loss.

Along the way we meet Severine played by Berenice Marlohe, with a short but meaningful performance as the woman who leads Bond to the villain and pays the price with her life. There is also a new flirtation with an Eve Moneypenny and for her sake we hope that’s all it ever is.

One thing is for sure, most of Daniel Craig’s Bond girls die. This also has an effect on the characterization of this Bond. Shutting down his feelings, fleeing from real relationships, trusting no one. This is a tortured man, living in his own kind of hell.

Without giving out too much, the ending in this 007 film heralds a big change with some lead characters. The movie is also not as ‘light’ or even cartoonish as some previous installments.

Daniel Craig has created a very different type of James Bond…instead of envying his cool and sexy life, we see a man who must shut down his emotions in order to be the unversal soldier. Case in point? In one part of the movie where he is asked to  name the first thing that comes to mind and is asked about killing, he replies- job!

photo: imdb skyfall

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