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Life Of Pi Is A Beautiful Movie

Canadian author Yann Martel wrote the award winning novel Life of Pi in 2001, and the rights to the move were optioned as early as 2002. Throughout the years many different directors have been attached to the project, but it wasn’t until Academy Award winning director Ang Lee stepped up that the movie started being made.

Life of Pi follows the adventures of Piscine ‘Pi’ Molitor (Suraj Sharma) a young Hindu, Muslim Christian. His parents had owned a zoo in India, but due to political unrest they decide to sell the animals and move to Canada for a new start on life. Unfortunately the boat they were travelling on sinks, and Pi is left alone with a few animals on a lifeboat, including a tiger named Richard Parker. As hunger grows, the Tiger eventually eats the other animals, but Pi manages to survive by building a small raft and attaching it to the boat. He floats aimlessly on ocean, trying to find any way to survive that he can; a journey of self discovery that includes bonding with Richard Parker.

Life of Pi is a beautiful movie. It’s beautiful to look at, beautiful to watch, and beautiful to think about. For once the 3D is done in such a way that it adds to the experience instead of taking away from it. The cinematography is breathtaking from the very first scene of the movie when the credits are rolling all the way up to the very end. If it wins nothing else during the awards season, it should sweep all the cinematography awards. The movie also manages to stay extremely faithful to the novel. In fact it is one of the closest adaptations ever. There are differences, but it never steps too far away from the source material. If there is a failure to the movie it’s the fact that once you watch it, you may never want to watch it again because you know all the secrets of the story. That being said it is worth seeing once, especially if you enjoy seeing movies.

If you are in the mood for something other than the current big blockbusters at your local theatre, you should check out Life of Pi. No home theatre system will do the movie as much justice as seeing it on the big screen will. This is the type of movie that audiences and critics alike will enjoy.

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