Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell Topless On The Cover Of Interview Magazine

Leave it to Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to go totally topless on the cover of Interview Magazine. Go figure, it’s Russian Interview and not American Interview Magazine, but still! The shot of Naomi and Kate posing together naked, with Naomi’s bare chest completely on display, takes the idea of a scandalous magazine cover to a whole new level. It doesn’t surprise us in the slightest that Kate and Naomi were willing to shake things up on the magazine newsstand. After all, they’ve learned how to make a career out of capitalizing on scandalous moments. Their latest Interview Magazine cover shoot definitely shows the younger generation the true definition of being scandalous.

We recently told you about the recent trend of December magazines cover girls going topless. Keira Knightley went topless with a strategically placed Chanel jacket over her shoulders for the December issue of Allure. While Keira’s shoot was quite high fashion, Miranda Kerr had a more sultry topless magazine cover wearing nothing but purple lace underwear with her back to the camera for the December issue of British Esquire. Rihanna kicked it up a notch for GQ’s December issue, going totally naked and facing the camera wearing nothing but a cropped leather jacket over her shoulders.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell definitely showed Keira, Miranda and Rihanna who’s boss with the topless Interview magazine cover. The British beauties who helped define the ’90s are still setting the tone for trends in 2012/13. This is the first time the two supermodels have shared a cover since their 2008 Paris Vogue shoor. The Interview cover and 6-page ’70s-inspired editorial inside the magazine was shot by Mert and Marcus, and the two fashion icons interview each other inside the magazine as well.

“I read that you made your first public appearance in a Bob Marley video,” Kate says to Naomi.

And Naomi responds: “Yeah. I was seven, I think. He was such a handsome man. I remember I started crying when I saw his dreadlocks because I thought they were worms. But he was really, really gentle.”

It’s worth noting that Kate recently shot a very sexy editorial with Rihanna for V Magazine featuring a nude Rihanna with Kate Moss draped across her for her only coverage.

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Photos Courtesy of: Russian Interview, Allure, British Esquire, GQ

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