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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 6 Episode 7 Save The Last Chance

Here’s what happened in our Gossip Girl recap:

When we return Dan and Serena are getting cozy together in bed and they are scared to be seen. They want to try to make amends with all of the friends they have alienated, before going public. Serena goes to see Blair while she prepares her fashion line, but Blair doesn’t have time to make up for the hundredth time.

Blair is busy with ‘B”, her new teen fashion line. Not everyone is as supportive as Serena. Nelly can’t wait to watch Blair fail while trying to dress today’s teen. Serena gives Blair an idea to get Sage on board. They devise a scheme to trick Sage into supporting the line. When Sage sees a Gossip Girl blast about Serena and Steven getting back together she runs right to Blair as expected even though it’s fake. Blair demands a meeting with the head style makers at Constance School to gain influence with the teens in return for helping stop the fake relationship. Blair meets with the spoiled teens to demand they to attend her pop up event. Before the girls get there, Sage realizes that she’s being played and changes the plan.

Blair’s pop up party appears to be a success, until the teen queens arrive angry and promising to insult the collection. Blair instantly and irrationally blames Serena for this tragedy. Serena offers to help, but shows her maturity by saying they don’t need a scheme. Despite their pact the girls are buying and fighting over getting their hands on the collection. Blair is a success! The success even makes Serena and Blair soften up and apologize for everything. Serena doesn’t tell her about Dan, but for the moment they are BFF’s again.

Bart shows up unexpectedly at The Empire demanding the evidence from the back of the painting. Before Chuck has a chance to lie, Ivy shows up admitting that she has the proof. Ivy wants to exchange the microfilm for the destruction of Lily. She will give the film to whichever one of them hands in the best plan to destroy Lily. Ivy heads downstairs to a room where her partner in crime is waiting. It’s not Lola or Rufus though, Ivy is working with Serena’s father William van der Woodsen. Ivy gives him a long kiss. What? Whoa! This is crazy. How has she seduced all of these grown men? Ivy apparently is in love with William and her relationship with Rufus is all a hoax and this is all the doctors idea.They say they fell in love while working with Lola. Gossip Girl has done some crazy stuff, but this might be the weirdest.

Bart is very blunt with Lily about what Ivy is up to. They are concerned that Chuck might do something to hurt Lily. Lily turns to Rufus to help. Unfortunately Rufus is too hurt to ever help Lily. Until he sees Ivy with William on the street. Maybe now he will smarten up. He doesn’t realize who it was, but he kicks Ivy out all the same.

Dan shows up at the Empire to apologize to Nate somehow giving Chuck an idea on how to handle Ivy. Chuck gives Ivy a story about how he will bring Lily down with Bart so they both go to jail and get arrested publicly at Blair’s party. It’s a fake ploy because Lily isn’t going to be there.

Nate is literally begging for money to keep the Spectator afloat. Bart shows up at Nate’s office demanding help to defeat Chuck. Nate tries to refuse, but can’t when he finds out that Bart knows the truth about his taxes and has financed the website he has no choice. Bart threatens to take Nate down just like his father. Bart figures out Chuck’s plan and calls Ivy with the truth, back-up from Nate and a counter offer. Nate meets Chuck at a bar and tells him everything. Ivy and Bart meet. Bart offers divorce Lily, but Ivy has bigger plans. Ivy wants it to look like she and Bart were having an affair. Chuck rushes in just as Ivy gives Bart the envelope only it’s empty. Rufus stole the microfilm and has brought it to Lily after all. They almost bond over their past and now issues with Ivy. Dan walks in seeing Lily with the microfilm and texts Chuck. He slips out while Ivy tries to figure out what happened. Chuck goes to see Lily to try to turn her to his side by telling her what Bart is up to, but Lily won’t believe him and she throws the film in the fire. By the time, William gets there Bart knows Lily has destroyed it and now wants Ivy taken down. William seems most upset that Lily is still a married woman. Now that Bart is done with Chuck he has his sights set on Nate. He wants to use him. This is all getting very complex.

Blair is on a high when she finds Chuck at the end of the night, but Chuck is defeated. He says that because he failed they can never be together. Her success and congratulations from Nelly are bittersweet.

Serena and Dan meet back up at the end of the night to talk about their successes. Serena says she is only willing to do this if she is the only one Dan wants, meaning no more Blair. Is this leading to a big wedding finale? When Serena leaves the room, Georgina calls and Dan tells her that he is writing the Serena chapter of his book. Gasp, is this all a ploy? If it is Dan is a horrible person!

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