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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 6 Episode 6 Where The Vile Things Are

Here is what happened on tonight’s Gossip Girl recap:

Blair is making sure everything is perfect for her mother’s return. Of course, it coincides with the release of Dan’s next chapter outing Blair’s childish side. Eleanor is not impressed with Blair’s new take on the company. She wants Blair to shape up to keep her role. To make up for her ways, Eleanor wants Blair’s road to recovery to begin with by making up with Nelly Yuki. Blair tries to play nice, but stoops to blackmailing her. Nelly doesn’t buy it. She tells Eleanor about it, leading Blair to be stripped of her role. She even calls her own daughter a mean girl. Blair goes to Dan to threaten and blackmail him for posting the story. She tells him to edit it to make her sound professional, but Dan shows her that she might be as immature as he said. Blair calls up Nelly for a follow up, Blair apologizes to Eleanor publicly and admits that she doesn’t have any fashion talent. Blair resigns from Waldorf. Blair goes to the MET steps to cheer up and is follow by Nelly who wants to gloat about how Blair’s glory days are gone with high school. This gives Blair an idea and she goes off to make her mark. She goes back to her mother to tell her it was a mistake. Blair says she wants to make a line of uniforms for high school girls and trend setters. It will be their younger line “B”. I am so glad Blair didn’t just give up, that is not the Waldorf way! Blair will have success before the end of Gossip Girl!

Dan and Serena are bonding since they have no other friends left and the paparazzi is following them. Dan has been staying at their apartment but thinks its time to get his own place. Of course Serena is all to willing to help him. They hide out in the pool hall where they went on a date oh so long ago. When Dan returns to the apartment with a present for Serena, he walks in on Serena and Nate talking about how mean and self-centered Dan has become. Oops, maybe they won’t be hooking up again so soon. it serves him right for being mean and self-centered. Serena and Dan start fighting bringing up every drama that they have been through in the past 5 years. Then they get trapped in the elevator again! Trapped together they end up making peace and maybe a bit more? All of these deja vu moments is sure to bring up those old feelings. After some talking and long looks, Dan finally kisses her.While the pair go up to Serena’s room, we hope that maybe these two can keep it together at least for a few more episodes!

Ivy and Rufus are playing happy household at the loft. They are planning the gallery opening but no one is going. It looks like Rufus has lost some credit since his divorce. Lily is hosting a benefit on the same night. Ivy and Rufus try to sabotage Lily’s event, first by buying all of the art on display and then sponsoring the event with their own art. Lily is furious, but she tries to act civil.

Chuck is still trying to get proof about his fathers illegal deal. He has bribed someone at the building for tapes and now needs Nate’s help. Nate schmoozes Bart’s business manager to try to get information about the Bass’ funds. Nate distracted him with some beautiful women and steals his cell phone. Nate and Chuck figure out that the proof has been hidden in one of Bart and Lily’s many pieces of art. There is one piece of art missing from the apartment. Lily has donated one piece to the auction meaning Bart’s incriminating evidence is up for sale. Bart is too late to warn Lily not to sell it. Chuck gets out of his cab and runs down the street to her in on the auction. Luckily Lily and Ivy get stuck in a bidding war giving Chuck time to get there. The three of them are fighting and bidding until they all get distracted but Rufus is there and wins the painting for Ivy.

After the auction, Lily tries to make amends with Ivy and Rufus by buying the painting back. Ivy refuses saying she wants Lily to feel as rejected as they did. Lucky for Chuck because he goes to Ivy after offering to buy the painting. This time she says yes. They painting is delivered but the envelope is missing. Ivy has it and has found the evidence about Bart. Now everyone is going to want to get her.

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