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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 6 Episode 5 Monsterous Ball

Here’s what happened this week on Gossip Girl:

This week the New York high society is preparing for a ball. We’ve seen so many debutante balls on Gossip Girl, so we are excited to see a final one in the last season. Sage is having her cotillion this week. Blair is embracing her new edgy fashion status by trying to design a dress for Sage. The angsty teen turns her down… for now.

Things appear rocky for Steven and Serena. In typical Serena fashion, she tries to get the truth by snooping and she finds a big sparkling ring. Serena is literally jumping up and down at the sight of it when Sage catches her. Sage isn’t too happy about seeing the ring. We are pretty sure this is going to blow up on Serena. Maybe this is just a gift for Sage. When Sage confronts her father about it and admits that he is planning on proposing. He says he is going to pop the question tonight at the ball after asking for Lily’s permission.

Sage and Blair team up for some scheming to keep this engagement from ever happening. Sage agrees to wear a Waldorf dress if Blair stops the engagement. First Blair calls Lily to get her to see why this engagement is a bad idea, so she will turn Steven down. When picture of Steven returning the ring appear on Gossip Girl it looks like Blair has succeeded, but it’s just a part of the scheme to get Serena doubting. Blair heads off to cotillion with Dan on her arm.

Dan delaying submitting his next chapter despite pressure from Georgina. When he learns that Blair is wearing Chuck’s ring around her neck, Dan decides to release his Chuck chapter. You would expect this to be scandalous, but it turns out that the chapter is actually very nice. Is Dan up to something? Georgina is pressing Dan to write the dirt on Serena and Blair before he goes soft. She blackmails Dan with the sex tape of Serena and Dan from last year. Sage steals the phone and video from Georgina though.

Serena shows up at the party furious with the world. She wants to know why everyone is trying to ruin her happiness. She hunts for Steven to fix things, but Blair finds her first to tell her that this is a two sided scheme. Blair is using Sage and Steven does still want to propose. She just wanted to get Sage to wear the dress. It looks like there are some bridges being mended here between the old BFFs.

When Sage and Nate start come out Sage reveals more then just her edgy dress. The video of Dan and Serena beings playing for all to see. What does this mean for their current relationships? Steven gets mad at Serena for her immaturity and Blair is upset that Dan cheated on her. Even Nate gets upset when he finds out Sage was behind the whole thing. Blair turns on Serena for crossing the line with her boyfriend again. Steven ends things with Serena. Dan show up to rescue Serena again. They spend the night sharing junk food and setting the scene for their own feelings to return for each other.

Chuck is researching his father’s accounts while talking to Nate about shady accounting. Hopefully he doesn’t find out about Nate’s own account cheating. Chuck goes to Lily for help to take down Bart, but she turns him down. Ivy swoops in offering to help. Chuck isn’t interested in working with Ivy at first. With a little convincing, Ivy sneaks into the apartment to plant evidence that Chuck and Lily were plotting against Bart. Only Bart comes home catching her in the act. In an act of brilliance, Ivy pretends to be the cleaner’s daughter leading Bart to believe that Lily was trying to hide the evidence. Bart asks Lily about it, but they figure it all out very very quickly. Chuck only alienates Lily even more.

After everything goes down at the cotillion, Blair goes to the Empire to be with Chuck, but they have to wait a little longer. Why? I need them to hurry up and be together before the finale. Elsewhere, Bart tells Lily the truth about the illegal oil deal. Now Chuck just needs to get his own proof. Blair goes home after getting an important text. Her mother is on her way home to fix Waldorf designs.

Back at the loft, Rufus is confused by investigating Ivy. He finds out ivy has lots of money. She has a lot of money from Lola and Carol apparently. He lets her secrecy and deceit slip for now.This is sure to return soon.

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